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NADBU’s structure is composed of the following organs:

a) The General Assembly;

    - It is composed of representatives from the district associations.
    - It is the supreme governing body of NADBU.
    - Its roles include, among others, determining policy and making necessary decisions; electing members of the      Executive Committee, as well as approving narrative and financial reports and plans.
    - to review the performance of the organisation generally, for the previous years and general conditions, welfare and take stock of the challenges and achivements of the organisation and make such recommendations as shall deam fit.
    - review and approve future plans of action.
    - to consider audited account of the organisation.
    - to elect Office bearers.
    - to authorise of making such rules and regulations as may be necessary to govern the organisation and consider any ammendments to the decide any matter which may be submitted to them.
    - recieve from boarb of Directors an annual report of the activities balance sheet, statement of account for the preceding year, and an estimate of reciepts and expenditure of the new year.

b) The Board of Directors;

    It consists of six deafblind persons each representing one region of Uganda, one woman representative and a yourth representative.
    The Committee implements policies and resolutions of the General Assembly and supervises the work of NADBU.

c) The Secretariat;

    It is the technical arm of the Association that implements decisions and policies of the Board of Directors.
    It gives technical guidance and advice to the Executive Committee on issues affecting persons with deafblindness and how to address them.
    It ensures smooth running of day-to-day affairs of NADBU.