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In order to realise our vision and mission, NADBU’s operations are guided by the following principles:

(a) Transparency and Accountability: We believe in precision and responsibility in regard to all matters pertaining to the Association. As such, our transactions are transparent and open to scrutiny. Further, we strive to uphold high standards of professionalism, honesty, fairness and discretion in dealing with the local communities, government, development partners and other stakeholders.

(b) Networking and Collaboration: We believe that in order for us to effectively promote the effective participation of persons with deafblindness in development, there is need to involve and work with various stakeholders.

(c) Efficiency and effectiveness:
Resources available to us are used optimally to ensure that programmes are well delivered.

(d) Participation: The involvement of all stakeholders at all stages in the development process is imperative for sustainable development. NADBU therefore builds the capacity of its target population and advocates for the creation of opportunity for their participation.

(e) Gender Mainstreaming: The design and implementation of our programmes takes cognizance of the concerns of women and men. A