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Baseline survey on the situation of the Deafblind in Uganda

24 Jul, 2023 @ 8:00 am - 24 Aug, 2023 @ 5:00 pm

NADBU has contracted the consultant to carry out this exercise for a period of one month in the country starting from 24th July-24th August 2023.
The key indicator areas to be identified and documented include:
• Collecting and documenting the demographics about deafblind persons in Uganda shall be done using survey questionnaire by capturing key issues about the age, marital status, level of education, access among others. The survey questionnaire will be complimented by literature review, focus group discussions and key informant interviews.
• Documenting the prevalence rate of deafblindness in the 4 regions and the whole country shall require the consultant to conduct key informant interviews, focus group discussions and literature review as key sources of data. Targeted respondents will be teachers, service providers and disability organizations including NADBU.

• Regarding assessing the level of empowerment of deafblind person, the consultant shall use the survey tool, key informant interviews and focus group discussions to identify and document evidence on the level of participation of deafblind persons in decision making processes and demand for their rights within the community, district and national levels.

• In order to properly identify the extent to which deafblind persons (especially children, youth and women) access to health services (including reproductive health), education services, social protection; access to justice: livelihood. The consultant shall deploy the survey questionnaire, desk review, key informant interviews and focus group discussions.
• For indicators how the deafblind persons are faring in their families and communities where they live in terms of care and access to social services-health, education, social protection, access to justice and livelihood opportunities, the consultant shall use the survey tool, conduct key informant Interviews, literature review, focus group discussion with the teachers, deafblind persons and other stakeholders that are knowledgeable about the situation in the deafblind persons.
• The consultant will also undertake to capture evidence on opportunities and challenges of access to social services by deafblind persons. This will require deploying the survey tool, Key informant Interviews and focus group discussions as well as literature review to ascertain and capture evidence on nature of the social services and livelihoods and their suitability to the deafblind persons in their families, schools, communities and surrounding areas.
• Furthermore, need to identify service delivery gaps and barriers to inclusion among present social service delivery points, social protection mechanism, and access to justice and livelihoods opportunities by deafblind persons. To address this requirement of the study, it will be imperative for the consultant to document the peculiar needs of the deafblind persons in relation to accessing the social services, social protection, and access to justice and livelihood opportunities among others. Issues of the availability and friendliness to deafblind persons, requisite infrastructure in terms of physical access and equipment as well as human resources to impart such services and livelihood opportunities targeted at deafblind persons. The consultant shall also explore areas of emotional support or lack of it at family and community level to enable them acquire necessary competences and access to livelihood opportunities.
• The consultant shall also go ahead to identify service delivery gaps and barriers to inclusion among deafblind persons in regard to service delivery and livelihoods opportunities. This shall be undertaken by identifying and capturing available evidence using the survey questionnaire, Key Informant Interviews, Focus Group discussions with deafblind persons, stakeholders and households.

24 Jul, 2023 @ 8:00 am - 24 Aug, 2023 @ 5:00 pm
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